Jacob & Lempi (Hautala) Maenpaa Family Photo Album

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Maenpaa & Kokkinen Families Finland


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 Maenpaa Homestead Finland

Oil painting of what we believe was the Maenpaa homestead in Finland. May have been done in America from a photo.



 Coming To America

Jacob & Lempi's names are on the wall around the Satue of Liberty, this is a certificate we gave to Mom in 1998



 Wedding Picture and more

Framed wedding picture of Jacob & Lempi. She crocheted the white doilie backing.

Close up.

Jacob age 60's

Lempi & Jacob









Jacob 7th grade (do not know which one)

Fannie 2nd grade (White arrow first row)



 Maenpaa Homestead America

The house was built in 1914 and Jaakko & Lempi bought it in 1915. My parents moved in after Jacob went to Florida in 1948. Karen Kehoe, Jacob and Lempi's Great Granddaughter and family now live in it and have since 2001. Blood lines of the Maenpaa family still enjoy it's super location.

Jake and Toivo Mid 1920's

Jake, Fannie Toivo late 20's

Jakko,??, Lempi,??,??

Lempi, Jakko and friends

Boys at Maenpaa house

Maenpaa Homestead May 2006 it facwes west

Maenpaa Homestead May 2006 south side

Maenpaa Homestead May 2006 north lot

Maenpaa Homestead May 2006 lake view

Kilpi Hall built 1897

Kilpi Bandstand


 Cottage & Friends

With friends next to cottage

Fannie, Sandra & friend Sauna in backround

Garden and sauna

Bhind screen porch at cottage


Jacob & Lempi

Club in Lantana Florida (With 2nd wife Elna)


Cottage sauna


At cottage


I think Jacob is seated here. Must have been early in 1900's??

 Lantana Florida

Donald, Jacob, Fannie, Jack and Sandy at old house in Florida in early 50's

Elna, Jacob, Fannie, Jack and Sandy at old house in Florida in early 50's

"New" house in Florida

Group picture of building the Finnish Center


 Conneaut area

Cemetery Headstone 1940's or 1970's

Cemetery Headstone Maenpaa 2006

Cemetery 2006

Cemetery 2006

Cemetery 2006

Cemetery Headstone Morton 2006

Site of old Conneaut Bottling Works

Site of old Conneaut Bottling Works

Morton Distributing created from Conneaut Bottling Works

Morton Distributing

Morton Distributing

Morton Distributing is now Broad Street Mini Mart and Quizno's sandwiches

Broad Street Mini Mart

Quizno's Sub (Sandwiches)

Finnish Lutheran Church late 1920's

Lakeview Park 1 block from Maenpaa homestead


 Fannie Elizabeth

Fannie as a young woman

Wedding day to Donald A. Morton

Donald "Bud" & Toivo

Jacob Lempi Fannie Sandy Bud and Jack

Must be 1946 as I was born in 1945



 Bud & Fannie's Children



 Bud & Fannie's Grand Children



 Bud & Fannie's Great Grandchildren