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Here are recent digital photos I have taken in our travels. Most will be family or car things.

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Conneaut, Albion and Mansfield 08/04

Lost something!

Nice, but small

Come in Emily, says Leah


I think she likes it

Palming the ball

Matthew, you guys are heavy

Phillip, I can do it!

I still have them

Barney from under

Getting ready to leave

Three birds lined up

Coolest place outdoors

We're ready

Just before touchdown

Taxi in

Taxi in

Taxi in

Taxi in

Is Mark flying?

Getting close

First off

Top Gun Dad

Happy face

Together at last

Last one before heading home


Midland, Fun Zone and Ice Cream, sprinklers, 8/23/04

Andrew going to look

Andrew and Matthew on the train

Where did Phillip go?

Phillip starting on the swing

Phillip going full blast

Matthew starting on swing

Great ice cream

Really tastes good!

Wow, what is this?

I think I see it.

Zone 5 is on!!!!

Emily looking around

This soup is for my Dad!

Collecting good stuff!

It better be good

I think it will

Phillip, you try it!!!


Midland, a day outside 8/21/04

Emily's bike

Glove time

Gloves up!

They may be a little big

Breezeway antics

See what I have?

Phillip liked the colors

Emily waiting for a ride

Snack time

That's funny

Is Emily going in?

Yes, I am, is it OK?


Midland, Andrew's birthday 8/18/04

Birthday chair at McDonalds for lunch

Birthday chair at McDonalds for lunch with Matthew

Emily at McDonalds

Ready to open presents, whose birthday?

Andrew opening

Andrew opening, WOW Pokemon foil cards!!!!

Andrew opening


Andrew opening

Andrew opening

Wow Pokemon thow!!!!

Wow Pokemon thow!!!!

Andrew opening

Andrew opening

Andrew opening

Andrew opening

Andrew opening

Andrew opening

Andrew opening

Andrew with ladybug helmet!!!

Andrew with mouth full.

Phillip with ladybug helmet

Phillip with ladybug mask

Andrew blowing out candle

Andrew blowing out candle

Now for the good stuff

Mmmmm good

3 mouths full of whipped cream


Crystal Lake July 2004

Boys enjoying swings

Play set nearing completeion

Test ride

TV time for Phillip and Emily

Boy, that cookie was good!

Emily, can I have more dip?

Why not?

You want to do my hair?

Will it hurt?

Got it.

This side OK?

It wasn't that bad!

Let me read to you, said Nana

I am so mad 677th reading


Sandy & Jim's and Sherri & Mark's, Aunt Betty & Uncle Gil's
Pat & Mike's, Broad Street Mini Mart and Quiznos


Sandy, Jim, Sherri and Mark's houses

Sandy's kitchen

Sandy's Dining Room

Outside of Sherri and Mark's

Dining area Sherri and Mark with Kelsey

Kitchen in Sherri and Mark's

Living room Sherri & Mark




Pat and Mike's

Pat Mike and Dar

Pat, Mike and Dar

Aunt Betty's and Uncle Gils

Aunt Betty and Dar

Aunt Betty, Uncle Gil and Dar

Aunt Betty and Uncle Gil's barn

Broad Street Mini Mart

Before Quiznos opening

Mike making a purchase and Dar heading to the coffee

Patty digging for money


Quiznos VIP party and 1st day

Day of VIP party

Inside VIP

Chuck Richards saying hello

Perry, Judy Sandy and Jim

Keith and Diane Anderson

Cup installed

Tall dring of water

Dusk approaches

The "Q"

After closing

Take out big bag

Almost dark


Pictures of house May 2004

Front of house

Side view by garage

Front of pole bard

Deck off gaeage

Dining area

Family room

Family room

Fireplace in family room



Crystal Lake May 2004
Ballgame, 1st Communion and Emily's 2nd birthday


Andrew (orange) chasing wild throw at first

Andrew ready in left

Andrew's triple down 3rd base line

Matthew catching

Matthew ready in the field

Matthew scoring his first run

Matthew and his first hit


Andrew, Did I do OK?

Class picture afterward

Opening a gift

Emily took a break from the proceedings

Andrew studies his new Bible

Emily's birthday

Emily, oh, clothes

Oh Boy! Dora backpack!

Oh, Dora blocks!!

Love them blocks

See my new slippers from Aunt Janice

Emily and her cake


Crystal Lake weekend

Ben entertains Emily

How does this look?


Not me!

New gym, more coming

Front of house

You want me to do what?

Little hula for the crowd

Janice relaxing

Janice and Katy

I do not care, you have to wear it

After a day with Aunt Janice, Katy and Ben

That's neat



Phillips birthday celebration 2004

Can I start?

That's me on the paper

Pretty lady bug paper

Wow, neat-o!

Those are the new colors!!

Super cake!

Blow them all (4) out!

Boy that was good!

Boy this is great!

Emily likes it.

Tastes great.

Matthew's ready

Nana holding Emily.

Nana holding(?) Andrew.

Emily resting.

Emily on couch.


February Mississippi Gulf Coast Trip

Parade on Canal Street.


January 2004 in Crystal Lake

Good morning Emily.

Andrew does it good.

Wow, how did you do that?

Matthew as the center.

Two in a chair.

Mom isn't looking!!!

Christmas Baton Rouge 2003

Almost ready

Wainting for the beginning

Steve opening a big one

Steve and his book

New shiny tool box

Nickel Plate Road Stock

Carol and gift

Opening one more

Well, I'm ready!!!

Oh, this is good!

Wow, is this mine?

Gameboy captivates!!!

Is this Mine?

Oh, I like it!!

Yes, it is what I wanted.

Going in the Can, Can Room!!!!

Getting ready to go home.

Aunt Betty & Uncle Gil's 50th Wedding Anniversary


The Honored

Honoring each other

At the cake

More cake

Is Uncle Gil ready for work or comfort?

Outdoor setup

View of part of the group

Woodward dream Cruise 2000

One view of Woodward

Ignore the man, see the cars

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